Perugia > ReGenerating Youth – We Are, We Dare!

October 1, 2015 -

LOGO PERUGIA2018_webPerugia is an international youth city thanks to the presence of the two main universities (State and for Foreigners) and several high educational institutions, which has shaped the urban culture for young people, students, not to mention for the big and small youth organisations working on the territory. The city also provides a positive environment that allows the self development of young people through volunteer work.

VISION – what will we become?

We envision Perugia as a magnetic, youthful and livable city capable of ReGenerating youth impulses and attracting young people who DARE to make their ideas happen.

CONCEPT: PERUGIA > ReGenerating YOUth – We Are, We Dare > It is our message for Perugia EYC2018 that highlights our concept of having a new generation of young Europeans ready to be the main actors of society at all levels.


– to create a space where we can address innovative ideas and actions which fill the gaps and create bridges among generations through a structured dialogue;

– to increase youth participation, and enhancing a process of Intergenerational justice;

– to develop a NFE system through a regional Pool of Trainers and a permanent European Training Centre;

– to youth awareness on unemployment and promoting self-employment strategies, giving a strong focus on local tradition and know-how;

– to enhance youth civic, social and economic growth through creativity, art and culture and to use youth

creativity, art and culture as a tool for the promotion of human rights and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities;

– to rethink and enhance new pathways for interreligious youth dialogue to break cultural and religious stereotypes and promote human rights.



Perugia 2018 activities include projects, events, trainings, campaigns, workshops, competitions, festivals, conferences and researches structured on the following 6 main project cross-topics:

  1. MULTICULTURALISM + CULTURE + ART: Arts will cross-fertilise the main cultural programme topics and will be the means of promoting human rights, eco-culture and the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities.
  2. EDUCATION + TRAINING: We envisage a dynamic concept of education based on the stimulation of collaborative and group learning in a system that keeps abreast of social and economic changes.
  3. VOLUNTEERING: We believe that volunteering is a tangible expression of solidarity that promotes and facilitates inclusion, creates social capital and produces an effective transformation of the society.
  4. EMPLOYMENT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE + ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We aim to increase the development of youth employment opportunities and labour rights at local, national and EU levels by generating a structured dialogue with institutions, by improving effectiveness of Policy Actions, and by promoting cross-sectoral excellence and innovation.
  5. INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT + INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE: Technology will be an extension of, rather than an alternative to, more immediate forms of intercultural dialogue, social mobilisation and participation. We will rethink and enhance new pathways for interreligious youth dialogue in order to break cultural and religious stereotypes and promote human rights.
  6. PARTICIPATION + INTERGENERATIONAL JUSTICE + COOPERATION: We believe that challenging issues can be overcome by raising awareness among stakeholders and by fostering a shared perspective where young people are recognised as ‘power creators’.

For further information see: and follow the Perugia 2018 European Youth Capital on Facebook and on Twitter (active from 4th July 2015).

European Youth Forum AISBL, 10 rue de l'industrie, 1000 Brussels Belgium

Tel.: +32 2 793 75 20
Fax : +32 2 893 25 803

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