Meet the EYC19 Finalists: Manchester

October 24, 2016 - EYC

Stay tuned and read all about the 5 finalists for European Youth Capital 2019. Once a week you will find one-page summaries from each of the finalists for EYC 2019 written in their own words – Amiens, Derry Strabane, Manchester, Novi Sad & Perugia. The winner will be announced November 16th 2016.


Young people across the city have identified three themes of activity, below three young people from across Manchester talk about them.

Challenging the city

Manchester, as a city, is continually expanding and with its expansion comes the increase in opportunities for YP. As a young professional living and working in the heart of Manchester, I see the city’s potential and its growth day by day. The network of organisations within the city is fantastic and the development opportunities given to YP within these organisations are, I believe, unrivalled to any other city in Europe. Projects such as Manchester Youth Markets show that YP are ready to embrace unique opportunities given to them and furthermore display characteristics that will make them an instant success in the city.

With the expansion of the city, it is vital that these new opportunities are offered to YP throughout Manchester and that we embrace our YP and their fantastically diverse backgrounds. EYC offers the potential to connect YP throughout Manchester and offer further opportunities to its growing young population. Most importantly, EYC is about presenting existing opportunities whilst developing new ones, displaying and developing Manchester’s strong entrepreneurial attitude and faith in YP throughout the city.


Junior Akinola, 23


Changing the status quo

EYC is an incredible chance for young people in Manchester to flourish.  Many organisations in the city particularly our partner organisations are breaking the mould by putting young people in positions of ownership and trust and they’re see how ground-breaking a change it can be!

The drive of the young people in Manchester is limitless and it’s time to put young people at the forefront of the city like never before! EYC is the perfect catalyst to spark this change and given the opportunity to host such a title we plan to show just how great Manchester is!



Sage Aalto, 20


Celebrating diversity

Embracing diversity is fundamental to the ability to thrive; as an individual, as a community and as a city.  The spirit of Manchester, which does not homogenise its seemingly contrasting voices, epitomises this.  In Manchester, there is always the need to celebrate and challenge its people, a need I find mirrored in myself and my own intersections of identity.

To me, Manchester has always been a city of activism, of protest and of change, and in supporting the EYC 2019 bid I believe we can draw on the spirit of the city and its many voices to lead in its continued evolution. The city is shaped by the remarkable people within it, so what better way to champion inclusivity and belonging than by celebrating it’s young people and giving them, in the EYC year, the run up and beyond the chance to define and challenge Manchester’s future and their own sense of belonging. I support Manchester for EYC 2019 because I couldn’t be myself in any other city.




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