PRESS RELEASE – Survey: What young people think of European Elections

May 7, 2014 -


Survey: What young people think of European Elections

In an exit poll for the European Elections that was conducted for the Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014, the majority of young people that participated (68%) replied that they intend to vote on the elections of May the 25th, even though five out of ten young people say that they do not trust the European Union and the do not feel Europeans. 47,7% of the people that were questioned await “a more effective support of Greece for the treatment of financial crisis”.


47% saythattrust “alittle” or “notatall” the European Union as an institution. Only the 21,9% of the young people of 17-19 years old, the ones that will vote for the first time this year, trust the institution of the EU.

To the question “Do you think your concerns would be greater or not if our country was out of the EU?” 41,1% answer that their concerns would be greater, 30,6% say that it would be the same and 20% believe that they would be less.

As far as the question “How much Europeans do you feel?” is considered, only 10.4% answer “very much”. “A little” is for 27.9% and “not at all” 22.9%. “Quite a bit” is the answer for 23.7% of the young people that have answered.

In addition the answers to the question “Do you believe that the problems of your generation can better be handled in to the borders of the nation, the European Union or international partnerships among countries?” reveal mistrust to the institution of EU. Only 20.6% answer “EU”, 28.6% “nation” while 47% trust the international partnerships among countries.


To the question “Do you intend to vote at the next European Elections?” 68% of the people asked answered positively. It is however expected that the participation from the younger will be lower, as the 34.7% from 17 to 19 years old answer that they do not intend to vote.

The reasons that would lead them to the ballot box, 36.8% believe that it is “an obligation for everyone to vote”, 29.8% believe that they can bring a change with their vote, 16.8% say that this way they send a message to the government and 13.4% that they send a message to Europe.

From the newly formed European Parliament, 47.7% of the people asked anticipate “a more effective support to our country for the treatment of financial crisis”, 22.9% “a fair representation-participation of all the countries” and 20.6% “a greater sensibilisation for the protection of the public goods, water, electricity, Press freedom etc”.

48.8% say that they would go to vote if they felt that they would change something. Barely 8.6% wouldvoteiftheyknew more for the role of the members of European Parliament and 5.6%, if they knewthecandidates (actors, athletes etc).

Sources of information

The percentages of information fortheEUissues are divided. 51.7% say that they are informed while 48% that they are not.

Themajority (65.2%) ofyoungpeopleusethesocialmediatogetinformation, whilealso a highpercentage (47%) uses television to get their piece of information.

Other sources of information are the blogs (29%), the newspapers (14.9%), friends and acquaintances (13%), the radio (10.5%). It is also rather interesting the fact that only 1.9% of the young people use the University to get information for European issues.


Most young people (58.9%) have not participated to any kind of European mobility program, such as Erasmus, which is the most popular (69.4%), especially at the ages 17-19 (82%). Nextis Voluntary Work (15.9%), most popular in ages 30-34 (27.3%) and the Youth Action (11.8%).



The greatest concern of the young people is nothing else but the job search (57.7%), a percentage that is even higher (67.7%) among people of 17-19 years old.

“The future of the country” worries 10.9% of the young people asked, “a nice professional prospect” 9%, health 6.4% and 5% “job preservation”, “studies”, “ the creation of a family”, “environment” etc.

The results of this exit poll about European Elections that was conducted on account of Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014 are presented today, Wednesday 7th May 2014, at 20:00, at the City Hall of Thessaloniki (hall of the city council).

The event will begin with the President of the Public Utility of Thessaloniki (KEDITH), coordinator of TH-EYC 2014 Maria Paschalidou. The presentation of the results will be realized by a representative of Metagenesis, the company that conducted the exit poll. The results will be commented by Aris Stylianou, assistant professor of the Political Sciences Department of AUTH.

In addition, a team of volunteers of EYC 2014 will comment their own way the findings of the exit poll.

The event, which will be coordinated by Efthymios Savvakis, journalist, will end with an open dialogue with the audience.

Type of exit poll: Quantitative research with interviews at the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Randomsampling. 700 people (men-women) 18-34 yearsold. 11-14 April 2014.

European Youth Forum AISBL, 10 rue de l'industrie, 1000 Brussels Belgium

Tel.: +32 2 793 75 20
Fax : +32 2 893 25 803

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