PRESS RELEASE – Summer festival by Thessaloniki-EYC 2014

June 16, 2014 -


Summer festival by ThessalonikiEYC 2014

Wednesday 11 June 2014


A multi-dimensional summer festival organizes Thessaloniki- EuropeanYouthCapital 2014 hosting in less than a week and in different outdoor spots of the city various events, all of them for free: concerts, theatrical and other performances, exhibitions, artistic installations, stilt walkers, jugglers, story-telling, workshops, book and comic presentations.


“Paraliart – Ephemeral art between the city and the sea


The action of the Friends of the New Beach “Paraliart- Ephemeral art between the city and the sea”, in a co-operation with the Th-EYC 2014, tries to look for a modern artistic commentary of the relationship between the city and the sea. Students of three different Schools of Fine Arts are realizing ephemeral artistic installations and performances in three gardens of the New Beach. The action will take place on 13 and 14 June 2014 and the program is below:

  • Garden of the Seasons: Department of Artistic and Applied Arts, of the Fine Arts School AUTH. Supervisors: Kyriakos Mortarakos, professor and Dimitris Zouroudis, assistant professor.
  • Department of Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art, School of Fine Arts of The Ioannina University- Garden of the Sculptures. Supervisor: Xenofon Bitsikas, assistant professor.
  • Garden of the Memory: Department of Artistic and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of the University of West Macedonia. Supervisor: Aggeliki Avgitidou, associate professor.



The audience will have the chance to watch the implementation of the artistic performances at the Gardens, during the whole weekend, from 12.00 at noon until 21.00. The students of the Department of the University of West Macedonia, will realize performance at the Garden of the Memory, at 20.00.




On Saturday 14 June from 16.00 until midnight at the POLY.ST.EK.I of Polydromo (Ioustinianou 3) the project «MUSEFIR: MUSic, Education for Intercultural Roads» will take place. With lingual and artistic workshops, book presentations, songs and sounds by the Polyphonic Group “Pleiades”, Musefir or traveler or visitor tries to show another way of living and thinking, another language, another writing, different music and images.


Polydromo starting from the School of Early Childhood Education and the Faculty of Education of AUTH, is an inter-university team with a special interest on contact of languages and cultures, bilinguality and intercultural education.


«Art of Busking»

Until 16 June the events of the European exchange program “Art of Busking” continue. It is an initiative of the German NGO  Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. with artists from Germany, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria in order to promote street arts (busking) and inter-cultural co-operation.

Workshops:  until Thursday 12 June from 17.00 until 19.00 at Palais des Sports the artists of the Art of Busking are teaching for free jugglers, air and floor acrobatics.

Street Parade: on Friday 13 June from 20.00 stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers and musicians with musical team Krousi and the volunteers of Th-EYC 2014, will parade along the beach from the Fokas park to the White Tower.


Street Performance «The Great Wheel»: On Saturday 14 June at 21.30 the street performance «The Great Wheel» will take place at the beach near the White Tower. The performance is based on dance, theatre, jugglers, circus techniques, fire performing καιair acrobatics.

West Side Story

The highlight of the West Side, the Xyladika and the Old Railway Station area attempts the team “Thessaloniki Differently” of Parallaxi in a co-operation with Thessaloniki-European Youth Capital 2014, with the «West Side Story» events, at 14 – 15 June 2014.

During the weekend there will be walking tours with the guide Ioannis Kourtsoglou (Saturday 14 June and Sunday 15 June, 18.30, meeting point Villa Petridi, opposite the Court) and also graffiti at the Old Railway Station by Apset, Zofos, Jamer, Sive, Ser-Simoni, Nar. The program also includes: concert by “Aimilios Riadis” (Saturday 14 June , 19.30,  yard of Veterinary School, Giannitson street), theatrical play-documentary «To the other side» by the National Theatre of Northern Greece with the co-production of Parallaxi (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June, 21.30, Old Railway Station), theatrical play «Hunting Scenes from Bavaria» by «Papalangi» (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15, 21.30, Veterinary School), street performance «Behtsinar» by Die Wolke and the dance studio KINOUMAI (Saturday 14 June, 20.00, Veterinary School), interactive game  «Future City Game» of the British Council (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June), music happening   «Sound exorcises shadows» by the music ensemble «Krousi» (Sunday 14 June, 20.00, Villa Petridi, Anagenniseos). There will also take place the following screenings «Images of a city»by the Photography Museum, at PhotoBiennale,  (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June, 21.00, Old Railway Station) and also an exhibition of architectural proposals for the development of the Xyladika area at the West side (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June, Garden of the Veterinary School).



KJO Calw Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra from Calw (Καλφ) of South Germany that is visiting Thessaloniki these days to participate in the events of Th-EYC 2014 in a co-operation with the German Consul, will give a small concert, on Thursday 12 June, at 22.00, at the yard of the City Hall of Thessaloniki.

The Orchestra has its base in Baden-Wurtemberg and is consisted of 49 young musicians, pupils and student, 15-26 years old.

In addition as a part of the orchestra visit, at 19.00, at the multipurpose Hall of the City Hall, there will be the event “Ways and potentials of professional training” with the participation of educational and professional organizations, and also young innovative entrepreneurs.

33rdBook Festival

The 33rd Thessaloniki Book Festival is dedicated to the Thessaloniki- European Youth Culture 2014.

One of the events of the Festival, is a concert of the German orchestra KJO Calw in a co-operation with the University of Thessaloniki and other young musicians, on Saturday 14 June, at 20.45, at the platform of the Festival, at the pump house.

In addition, Th-EYC 2014 in a co-operation with the “West Thessaloniki Artistic Intervention” present the event “Traveling to fairytales…” on Sunday 15 June, from 11.00 to 14.00, at the Beach, in the Book Festival area.

Two fairytales will be read to the audience by Theano Gotsi and Maria Kasidou and these stories will be also drawn by children and adults under the guidance of two artists, Ganeli Efi and Chatziagoros George. Any passer-by will have the chance to illustrate the same story on his own way also sign it.

On Sunday 15 June, at 22.00, at the Kiosk of Th-EYC 2014 at the Book Festival there will be the presentation of the manga comic “Then and now, always Thessaloniki” by Mangatellers. It is the first Greek manga published in Greece according to the Japanese requirements, it is issued in a co-operation with Th-EYC 2014 and will be handed out for free during the whole year.



Djangofest – gypsy jazz festival

Djangofest – gypsy jazz festival, an all day summer event, will take place on Monday 16 June 2014 at the Port, with free entrance.  It is a great celebration of gypsy jazz swing sound, inspired by the inheritance of Django Reinhardt.

The program, starts at 12 at noon until late at night, and includes exhibitions by musical instrument makers, set designers/ photographers, Djs, independent teams and dance schools. The bands that will appear are: Swing Till You drop and Speakeasies Swing Band (Thessaloniki), Groovin High (Patra), Ghost Notes (Volos), Diminuita and Gadjo Dilo (Athens), and also parallel actions: dance moves by Lindy Hop Greece, Djs and dance classes for children by the team Jitterbugs, exhibitions of musical instruments makers (Spyros Mamais and Leveller Guitars), and also a Fashion show with the swing collection of Helen Chasioti.






European Youth Forum AISBL, 10 rue de l'industrie, 1000 Brussels Belgium

Tel.: +32 2 793 75 20
Fax : +32 2 893 25 803

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