PRESS RELEASE – Journey from Thessaloniki to Azores

June 30, 2014 - Thessaloniki


Over 3,000 nautical miles separate Greece from the Azores: it’s the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean between the two places, the vast sea. However, for three Greek seafarers, who plan to begin an ambitious project this summer, the sea does not separate places, but unites.

This project that aims to convey the message “The Mediterranean unites us” is held under the auspices of Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014. Three experienced navigators plan to cover on a rigid inflatable boat, ten meters long, in less than a month, the distance between Greece and the Azores. Such a challenging project is undertaken for the first time ever.

The point of departure for the long journey will be the harbor of Thessaloniki and the final destination is Ponta Delgada, the largest port and capital of the Azores. The intermediate stops are just a few: Naples, Marseilles, Barcelona, Lisbon.

The journey is scheduled to begin on July 23, 2014 from Thessaloniki and is estimated to be completed by August, 20 to 25, depending on weather conditions. The last part of the journey is the most difficult, as it involves the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to the Azores. This part (more than 800 nautical miles) is estimated to require a two days and two nights trip, without even the possibility of refueling. The great difficulty of this combination of factors makes the journey between Greece – Azores one of the top maritime events of 2014 throughout Europe.

Information about the trip:

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